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Borlaman Recycling is an indigenous recycling company based in Accra-Ghana. We offer innovative and covenient ways to collect,buy and sell recyclables with the help of our partners and agents.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure a green earth that is safe for all mankind. Our philosophy as a company is to reclaim and recycle waste, whenever and wherever possible, promoting sustainable development and helping preserve our earth making it eco-friendly.

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Our Ideals

At Borla Man, our ideals provide the foundation for our company’s practices and standards. Defined by our employees, these values guide our interactions with ourselves, our clients and our community as a whole. Like Google, we believe in speed.

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Our Vision

We envision a company that grows from collecting, buying, and selling of waste (recyclables) to a place of utilizing waste as a resource. Our vision is to become the leading recycling brand in Africa and even the world.


Our earth is slowly dying. Save her, Go Green

Bins Provision

Borla Man provides free and subsided “plastic only” bins to companies, and organizations such as churches, mosques, restaurants, and households.

Recycling Services

Collect, Reclaim, Buy and Recycle plastics, metallic and agricultural waste into new products for sale.

Holding Centres

Through partnerships with the community and other institutions, we set up and manage holding centers which serve as a buying, selling, and sorting centers for most plastic (recyclables) reclaimed in the community.

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Plastic Waste Collection

We collaborate with our clients to start waste segregation and recycling program in their companies, organizations, and households by providing the needed logistics, education, and planned pickups.

Event Plastic Waste Management

We ensure a hassle-free plastic (recyclables) waste management services all kinds of events. Whether you are planning a wedding, funeral, musical concert, or any other outdoor or indoor events, call Borla Man to manage your waste after your patrons have made the mess.


Percentages of the types of waste that is likely to be received

Plastics 95%%
Metal 75%
Glass 55%


Did you know that the most durable plastic items, such as bottles, disposable nappies and beer holders, can take 450 years to biodegrade ?


tonnes of plastic waste is generated every year

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