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  • Borlaman sorts and processes reclaimed and collected plastics waste for reuse. The collected plastic is sorted, washed, shredded, and recycled into Building Bricks, Titles, Murals, and others. Through injection, extrusion and heat pressing, plastic waste is converted into other valuable items.

Something amazing about our bricks

38% of the world’s carbon emissions comes from the construction industry alone. With popular building materials such as concrete also leading the destruction of the earth and ocean floor through the dredging of sand and destruction of mountains/ hills to acquire more stores for construction. Recycled plastic has the potential to replace more conventional and wasteful building materials such as hollow blocks.

Our bricks are from 100% PP (Polypropylene) and other types of plastics through extrusion and injection. We have the coloured ones for interior partitions and decors and the coloured for both interior and exterior walls. They have the following characteristics;

  • Modular Building System:

It is an easy-to-install system, as it does not require any glue, which means a comparative gain and benefit over other products currently used in the construction sector.

  • Thermos/ Acoustic Property:

The material and the chemical composition of the blocks make it insulating against cold and heat, keeping the interior of the building at a constant average temperature. Its strong grips create a natural barrier against noise, water and wind.

  • Durability and Quality:

Our plastic blocks are highly durable, since it supports direct impacts, the erosion produced by climatic agents, the attack of insects and even pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and the like. Since these bricks are made from recovered plastic, its guarantee extends to the terms of biodegradation of its raw material, that is, 500 years according to research.

  • Affordability:

The Plastics bricks are 30% affordable as compared to traditional constructional materials due to the less amount of resources and time needed for construction or the building of structures and houses.

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